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Longbank was established in early 2012. It had a registered capital of ¥30 million. Our company’s legal representative is Cheng Xiupu. Longbank’s current annual operating income is consistently more than ¥1.3 billion. Our company’s development has always been client-oriented. We strive to establish a common ground between people and our company. We respect and meet the needs of our clients and employees alike. This is Longbank’s most unshakable foundation.

Longbank is a professional exporter of small kitchen appliances. We have built an efficient and dependable supply chain. Our extensive supply of raw materials for motor and electrical appliance factories helped us accumulate experience in this industry.

  • Longbank Leader

Longbank's Leader

Cheng Xiupu was born on September 6, 1982 and entered the management department of Ningbo university in late 2001. He majored in accounting and graduated in 2005. During his university days, he worked as a manager, a student reporter, and an editor in Ningbo University News.

After graduation, he actively participated in major commemorative events of Ningbo University News. He has also served as a judge of China’s “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition since 2018. In 2019, he and his friend established Ningbo University “Zuomei Huirong” News Award Fund to reward outstanding students.

Since 2005, Cheng Xiupu has worked as a financial manager, financial director, and vice president of large companies. In 2012, Ningbo Changyin Materials Co., Ltd. was formally established and changed to Longbank. Then, Longbank grew into a promising business, valuing integrity and progress.

The Growth of our Electrical Steel Business

Longbank’s core business model is divided into two areas. First, Longbank is a professional steel supplier in Zhejiang. We have been developing high-end electrical steel parts. Our main products include cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, cold-rolled oriented silicon steel, cold-rolled sheet, cold-rolled automobile sheet, galvanized sheet, and other cold-rolled series. With time, we grew from a professional management team to a well-known supplier of special steel in East China.

  • The Growth of Longbank Electrical Steel Business
  • The Growth of our Electrical Steel Business
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  • Longbank Manufacturing and Services Principles

Longbank Manufacturing and Services Principles

Longbank grew into a successful foreign trader. Longbank’s main products include beverage and food processing machines. For example, we export water purifiers, coffee machines (capsule coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines), water purification pumps (booster pumps, self-priming pumps, voltage stabilizer pumps), RO membranes, solenoid valves, etc. Our food processors include noodle machines, cold press juicers, peelers, air fryers, garbage disposals, ice crushers, and other products. In addition, we have newly developed small, non-motorized food appliances.

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