Longbank Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Longbank is a professional cold rolled steel coil supplier from China. Our products cover various applications, such as in furniture making, household appliances, and more.

  • Cold rolled steel coil with JIS/ASTM standards
  • Available in custom size, structure, and thickness
  • Made from high-grade carbon and alloy material
  • Available with reasonable customization

Your Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturer

Cold rolled steel coil is mild hot-rolled steel that has been coiled at controlled temperature. They are oxide plate polished and finalized in certain roll to achieve ideal thickness. Longbank made cold rolled steel coil with a +/-.0015 thickness tolerance.

Unlike hot rolled steel, the cold rolled steel coil is designed with a greasy surface finish, keen edges, and a smoother surface. They are widely used for applications that require great surface conditions and thickness tolerance. All series have high strength, aesthetic finish, and heavy-duty features.

Longbank produces cold rolled steel coil from carbon and alloy material. We are a supplier from China that can support your custom cold rolled steel coil requirements. Choose us to handle your next cold rolled steel coil needs!

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Series

Cold Rolled Silicon Steel Coil

Cold rolled silicon steel coil is commonly used in the transformer production industry. The product contains 1.5% – 3.0% silicon content and 1.8% – 4.0% aluminum content. They have high magnetic absorbent properties.

Cold Rolled Non Grain Steel Coil (1)

Cold rolled non grain steel coils are custom-made to offer magnetic features, like increased permeability and low hysteretic loss. They are largely used in household motors, generators, transformers, etc.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil by Thickness (5)

  • 0.5mm Thick Cold Rolled Steel Coil

    0.5mm Thick cold rolled steel coil is a great choice for industry and construction uses. The product with exact 0.5mm thickness offers mirror finish, smooth, and eye-catching surface quality.

  • 1mm Cold Rolled Steel Coil

    1mm thickness for cold rolled steel coil is enough to resist soil corrosion. The steel coil is highly ductile, perfect for operations where accuracy is essential. They are a great option for furniture making, cabinets, lockers, and more.

  • 3mm Cold Rolled Steel Coil

    The cold rolled steel coil with 3mm thickness provides a cleaner and smoother surface. They are also used to simplify formability. They are perfect for industries like construction.

  • 5mm Cold Rolled Steel Coil

    5mm cold rolled steel coil usually comes with PE coating, anti-rust coating and galvanized. They are used for manufacturing parts that require cold forming, like gears, appliances, and furniture.

  • Custom Thick Cold Rolled Steel Coil

    Custom thick is available for cold rolled steel coils. The custom cold rolled steel coil can have your desired maximum thickness. They are excellent materials for use in construction, machinery parts fabrication, and more.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Features

High Tensile Strength
High Tensile Strength

Longbank produces cold rolled steel coil with 85, 000 psi tensile strength. In fact, they have higher tensile strength compared to hot rolled steel, which only has 67,000 psi.

Tight Tolerance
Tight Tolerance

Tight tolerance is one of Longbank cold rolled steel coil’s major features. For that reason, they are a great choice for devices or products that require tight tolerances. Plus, they have a smooth finish.

Improved Hardness
Improved Hardness

Longbank offers cold rolled steel coil with improved hardness. Unlike hot-rolled steel, they are remarkably stronger. They can also last long without having rust or discoloration.

anti corrosion

The cold rolled steel coil is provided with extreme anti-corrosion properties. On top of that, they offer smoother surface coatings. They are protected from poor weather conditions, like rain, storm, wind, etc.

Longbank Cold Rolled Steel Coil Applications

Due to smooth surface quality and tensile strength properties, Longbank cold rolled steel coil can be used for many applications. They are often applied in which strength, dimensional tolerances, and anti-corrosion are essential. Industries and applications that use cold rolled steel coil products include:

  • Components needing cold forming
  • Steel furniture
  • Household devices
  • Electronics hardware
  • Automobile parts
  • Constructions
  • Lighting fixtures
  • And so on…
rolled Steel Coil Applications
Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturing Process

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturing Process

Reinforced by the latest technology and facility, Longbank conducts an end-to-end, fully computerized production system. This enables our capability to bring high-yielding and premium quality cold rolled steel coil that fit your needs. We manufacture cold rolled steel coil under various processing systems, like:

  1. Pickling process
  2. Cold rolling
  3. Electrolytic Cleaning
  4. Heat treatment (Annealing)
  5. Skin pass process

Why Longbank Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Longbank provides advanced production process for cold rolled steel coil. We are back-up with state-of-the-art technology and ultramodern facilities. We ensure to support you with our high-performance cold rolled steel coil.

Another reason why must choose Longbank is because we provide 100% quality control system. We guarantee rigorous quality control on all cold rolled steel coil and other steel products.

However, cold rolled steel coil meets the ASTM A683, ASTM A876, ASTM A677, and other quality standards. Our products are made with complete features including corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, improved strength, high tensile strength, and more.

Custom cold rolled steel coil with Longbank now!

Why Longbank Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Your Reliable Custom Cold Rolled Steel Coil Supplier

2-Cold Rolled Steel Coil Supplier
1-Cold Rolled Steel Coil Supplier

Longbank spent many years manufacturing cold rolled steel coil. We provide production services, such as cutting, punching, welding, cold rolling, and more to meet your needs. During processing, we aim to deliver high-performance, extreme strength, and aesthetic-looking cold rolled steel coil.

We can source you a wide variety of cold rolled steel coil. You can avail cold rolled non-grain steel coil, zinc coated cold rolled steel coil, galvanized cold rolled steel coil, and so on. All variety meets in accordance to ASTM A876/ ASTM A677/ ASTM A683 standards.

We can custom cold rolled steel coil based on your required sizes, thickness, finishes, and more. They serve businesses in relating to agriculture, construction, automotive, etc. For your specific needs, contact us!

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Surface Finish

The surface finish of cold rolled steel coil is increasingly essential. This is practical for repairing the product surface, enhancing functional features, improving aesthetic appearance, and protecting surfaces from stress conditions, corrosive media, or temperature conditions. For that reason, Longbank cold rolled steel coil has a specific surface finish.

  • Topcoat (PU, SMP, PVDF, PE HDP)
  • Prime coat (PE, polyurethane, epoxy)
  • Back coat (modified polyester & epoxy)
Cold Rolled Steel FeaturesAdvantages

Longbank makes sure cold rolled steel coil can benefit your projects and businesses. Unlike hot-rolled, they provide more features and advantages, like below:

  • Premium quality finish
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Higher-dimensional precision
  • Up to 20% increased rigidity
  • Improved tensile strength
  • Enhanced efficiency strength
  • Available in multiple options
  • Superior surface quality
  • Great mechanical features

Longbank Cold Rolled Steel Coil in Various Applications

Cold Rolled Steel Coil for Furniture

The cold rolled steel coil is a great material for making steel furniture, commonly for laboratory and office use. They offer a cleaner and aesthetic appearance than other materials.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil for Construction

In construction projects, the cold rolled steel coil is typically used as primary structural framing, profiled sheeting, walling, and roofing. They are extremely ductile and coil corrosion products.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil for Filing Cabinets

The cold rolled steel coil is a good choice for filing cabinets. The material provides extreme strength to weight ratio, making them easy to install and lightweight.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil for Appliances

Cold rolled steel coil have the required strength for manufacturing appliances. They have strength of more than 20% than hot rolled steel. They are ideal for extreme stress uses.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil for Lockers

The cold rolled steel coil has more finished and a better surface making it suitable for creating lockers. They have a smoother finish that is greasy to touch and a mirror-like appearance.

  • “I’m amazed by how quality, strong, and reliable your cold rolled steel coil are. They are perfect for my business construction project. Thank you Longbank!”

  • “I’ve been searching for a trusted cold rolled steel coil business partner, and I’m glad to finally find your company online. I’m satisfied with the exact size and thickness of cold rolled steel coil I received.”

  • “Longbank services for my custom cold rolled steel coil requirements are highly recommended. They are perfect for my manufacturing business relating to furniture, lockers, and lighting fixtures.”

  • “Your cold rolled steel coil selections are really great and durable. They are totally perfect for my business and architectural projects. Until our next transaction, thank you!”

Where does Cold Rolled Steel Coil Come from?

Cold rolled steel coil come from large billets or steel slabs. Then the steel slabs are heated ultimately reach up to 1700°F. Then using a set of rollers, they are simply flattened into a long sheet and then flipped-out into big coils.

When do I Need Custom Cold Rolled Steel Coil?

You will need custom cold rolled steel coil anytime for your business and projects. If you’re business relating to manufacturing automotive machines, tubes, pipes, electrical panels, steel furniture, and infrastructure, then a custom cold rolled steel coil is a must.

Which is Easier to Bend Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled Steel Coil?

Comparing to hot rolled steel, Longbank cold rolled steel coil is more ductile. This means that the cold rolled steel can bend beneath higher stress without cracking. With their higher ductility than hot rolled steel, these make them easy to work with. And also, the required shapes are easier to make for cold rolled steel coil.

What to Consider when Choosing Cold Rolled Steel Coil for Business?

When planning to obtain cold rolled steel coil for business, consider their specific characteristics, including:

  • Smooth surface finish and commonly greasy to touch.
  • Greater treated surfaces with tight tolerances.
  • Bars have clear-cut corners and edges.
  • Tubes have greater paralleled straightness and stability.
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