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Longbank offers a wide range of CRGO steel for more than 20 years, with the most cost-effective rate. If you have any requests about CRGO steel. Just Contact Us. We provide also a customization requirement!

  • Consistent thickness and a smooth surface
  • Excellent performance in the application
  • High magnetic sensitivity
  • Economical and practical

Longbank CRGO Steel

The CRGO stands for cold-rolled grain-oriented steel, that can be utilized for the cores of power transmission and distribution converters. Grinders typically supply CRGO in coil form, which must be cut into lamination before being used to make a circuit core, it is also an important component of any converter.

CRGO steel has exceptional mechanical and electrical properties in the rolling direction. As a result of the high lamination factor, the innovations are more compact and superior, utilizing lesser materials. A modest level of magnetic properties is used to achieve high knee saturation noise reduction characteristics. Increases productivity while simplifying winding.

CRGO Steel Series

CRGO Electrical Steel Coil

LongBank CRGO electrical steel coil is applicable in a wide range of automobile industries. This material is in high demand due to its unmatched quality and competitive cost. 

CRGO Silicone Steel Sheet

The CRGO of silicon steel sheet is usually in cold-rolled plates or strips form. It has strong directionality and magnetic permeability, which is highly advantageous for motors and generators manufacturing. 

Universal CRGO Steel

LongBank is trusted for universal CRGO steel supplies. It comes with an exceptional composition and unique features, making it flexible and universally suited in any industrial fabrication field. 

CRGO Laminated Steel Strip

LongBank CRGO lamination steel strip is designed for diverse industries for a particular purpose. It is accessible for different sizes, shapes, thicknesses to meet your various requirements. 

CRGO Steel by Features (6)

  • Heat Insulation CRGO Steel

    The heat insulation CRGO steel is usually used to produce plain roof sheets and other valuable products. It can resist welding, cutting, punching, bending, etc. 

  • Ultra-Thin CRGO Steel

    The ultra-thin CRGO steel holds special features that suit certain fabrication and applications. This is useful for power transformers, electrical products, and other industries. 

  • Magnetic CRGO Steel

    LongBank magnetic CRGO steel is immensely applied in shielding installation operation. This product is offered in different shapes and sizes. 

  • High-Permeability CRGO Steel

    The high-permeability CRGO steel has a superior processing performance and laminating factor capable of producing compact core designs and products. 

  • Three Phase Transform CRGO Steel

    The three-phase CRGO steel has unmatched mechanical properties, making it easy to construct in any product through high-speed processes and other production. 

  • CRGO Hot-Rolled Steel

    The CRGO hot-rolled steel specializes in having perfect thicknesses and coatings. It is perfectly made with non-corrosive properties, indeed valuable for many industries. 

CRGO Steel by Sizes (4)

  • 0.3mm Thickness CRGO Steel

    The 0.3mm thickness CRGO steel features perfect coating surfaces, extreme toughness, sturdiness, longevity, and sustainability.

  • 0.23mm CRGO Steel

    The 0.5mm CRGO steel has a high precision dimension and performance that is excellent for industrial, mechanical, electrical, or automotive properties.  

  • Custom-Sized CRGO Steel

    LongBank CRGO steel helps produce excellent lamination and compact designs. However, we accept any customization request out this product, from sizes, thickness, finishing, etc. 

  • Cut-to-Size CRGO Steel

    LongBank offers cut-to-size CRGO steel at the most competitive price. This material has a high hardness and can work on different production processes. 

Longbank CRGO Steel Advantages

Stable Performance
Stable Performance

It also performs well during welding. High magnetic induction, low iron loss, and low magnetostriction are all advantages of the rolling direction.

Excellent Processing Performance
Excellent Processing Performance

A high-speed punch machine can easily shear, punch, and stack it due to its accurate dimensions and high hardness qualities.

Excellent Heat Resistance
Excellent Heat Resistance

CRGO steel has excellent heat resistance, uniform color, superior insulation, great adhesion, and processing performance.

Widely Used
Widely Used

Widely used in transformers, various household motors, micro-motors, etc. It has perfect magnetic performance, not only with high saturation magnetic flux density but also with low saturation magnetic flux density.

Longbank CRGO Steel Properties

CRGO steel is an abbreviation for Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel, which is commonly used as a core in large transformers. In the rolling direction, CRGO steel possesses remarkable mechanical and magnetic qualities.

It’s a soft magnetic substance with these properties:

  • High magnetic permeability
  • Reduced magnetostriction
  • Low losses
  • High resistivity
  • High stacking or laminating factor allows compact core designs
CRGO Steel Properties
Longbank CRGO Steel Production

Longbank CRGO Steel Production

The primary use of CRGO steel is as a core material for power transformers and distribution transformers. This can be explained in the following way:

  • Low excitation currents and inductions are caused by high magnetic permeability.
  • Excellent lamination factor results in better and more compact designs, requiring less substance.
  • Noise is reduced when the magnetostriction is very low.
  • Improves productivity by making winding easier.
  • Low hysteresis and current losses.
  • Knee saturation parameters are high.

Why Choose Longbank CRGO Steel

We, Longbank have always followed the development philosophy of constant innovation and keeping up with the trends. Our goal is to market our items to people all around the world. As a result, we never stop striving to develop ourselves, perfect our products, and expand our services.

Longbank is a high-tech firm specializing in GRGO steel products. Our products are widely utilized in home appliances, like automobiles, transformers, housing construction, generators, frequency conversion electric vehicles, and other industries.

Why Choose Longbank CRGO Steel

Choose Longbank to Custom Your CRGO Steel

Choose Longbank to Custom Your CRGO Steel

Longbank is proud to provide CRGO steel of the highest quality. We are a prominent manufacturer in China, with over 20 years of expertise in producing and delivering high-quality CRGO steel to a variety of industries. We guarantee our customers consistent quality, prompt delivery, and outstanding after-sales support.

Longbank also manufactures a variety of CRGO steel products, including electrical steel coil, non-grain-oriented electrical steel, grain-oriented electrical steel, silicon steel coil, cold rolled steel coil, and motor lamination steel.

Please contact us if you have any questions about CRGO steel prices; we will respond within 24 hours.

Longbank CRGO Steel Fabrication

Longbank CRGO Steel Surface Treatment

CRGO steel is an important material in the production of energy-efficient transformers and large, high-performance. Laminated, coiled, or punched sheets distribution transformers, power transformers, and miniature transformers all use it as a core material.

Also, it is used in:

  • Construction
  • Light industry
  • Automobile
  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Fishery
  • Commercial Industries
Longbank CRGO Steel Features
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Good surface quality
  • Benefit from deep processing
  • Economical and practical
  • Good appearance
  • Suitable for all-weather construction
  • Low iron damage
  • High permeability
  • Smooth surface and uniform thickness
  • Excellent application performance

OEM&ODM CRGO Steel Applications

CRGO Steel for Electrical Machinery

Longbank designed a series of CRGO steel exclusively useful for electrical machinery. It features excellent heat resistance, high adhesion, good insulation, and impressive processing performance. 

CRGO Steel for Electronics

CRGO steel for electronics is manufactured from the finest materials and advanced composition. It comes with unique specifications and properties that are perfect for formulating all sorts of electronic products. 

CRGO Steel for Lamination Core

The CRGO steel for lamination core is manufactured with excellent surfaces, flatness, and processability. LongBank has an immense availability in this kind of CRGO steel in different thickness, length, and width combinations. 

CRGO Steel for Magnetic Transformer

Get the most accessible and most practical solution of CRGO steel for your magnetic transformer at LongBank. Moreover, CRGO steel for magnetic transformers has perfect structural properties and features that benefit your proposed projects and businesses.

CRGO Steel for Transformer

The CRGO steel for the transformer guarantees superior strength and toughness. It quickly adopts and withstands any production process, just like bending, welding, cutting, punching, laser, and many more.

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  • We look forward to forming a long-term business relationship with Longbank. Great product at a great price! Longbank exceeds our expectations and provides the finest quality CRGO Steel, which is clearly made of unique steel materials. We will enthusiastically promote your services to other teams, as your product and customer service are far beyond our expectations.

  • “I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your organization and services. I’m extremely happy with my CGRO steel orders since Longbank allows me to acquire high-quality items at a low cost, and they help me with my customization orders.”

  • I ordered a CRGO steel from Longbank, and the transaction went as smoothly as it could have, and the products exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Longbank, for making it so simple for us to communicate our needs. Everything felt fantastic to have everyone comment on how great it looked.

What is CRGO Steel, And How Does It Differ from Other Steels?

CRGO stands for cold-rolled grain-oriented steel, which is utilized in the cores of power and distribution transformers.

Mills typically supply CRGO in coil form, which must be cut into lamination before being used to make a transformer core, which is an important factor of any transformer.

Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel (CRGO) is an initial for Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel, which is commonly used as a core in large transformers.

 In the rolling direction, CRGO steel possesses remarkable mechanical and magnetic qualities.

Why Do Transformers Use CRGO Steel?

In transformers, CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) steel is used to reduce eddy current losses and improve corrosion resistance. It also aids in the reduction of coercive force, lowering the loss of reverse magnetization in transformers.

When using CRGO steel to construct transformer cores, it is essential to ensure that the crystal direction is parallel to the flux route, as this will result in a high reluctance core (low permeability than high permeability).

What are the Advantages of CRGO?

The saturation values of the ankles are high. When the magnetostriction is very low, noise is decreased. Makes winding easier, which increases production. 

The designs are better and more compact as a result of the high lamination factor, needing less material. 

CRGO Steel’s Characteristics

It’s a soft magnetic substance with the following characteristics:

  • High magnetic permeability.
  • Reduced magnetostriction.
  • High resistivity.
  • Low losses.
  • High stacking or laminating factor allows compact core designs.
  • High dimension accuracy, high surface quality, and high stacking coefficient.
  • Insulation film on the surface, sound insulate on properties and processability.
What is the Difference Between CRGO and CRNGO?

Both CRGO and CRNO electrical steel grades are used for stamping and cores in transformers and other electrical equipment.

Electrical steel in CRGO grain-oriented grades is commonly used for transformer cores and big generators. 

CRNGO non-oriented electrical steels are iron-silicon alloys with different silicon contents that have similar magnetic properties in all directions in the sheet plane.

What's More Longbank Offers?

We, Longbank are also producing different products of CRGO steel like electrical steel coil, non-grain-oriented electrical steel, grain-oriented electrical steel, silicon steel coil, cold rolled steel coil, and motor lamination steel.

If you want customization you may Contact Us!

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