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For your electrical steel coil needs, Longbank is your ultimate choice. We are an exceptional supplier and manufacturer in China. Our company provides all types and sizes of electrical steel coil such as non-oriented fully processed electrical steel, grain-oriented electrical steel coil, non-grain-oriented electrical steel coil, etc.

  • High electrical resistivity steel coil
  • High-strength and durable
  • Low-cost and profitable
  • Custom to meet your needs

Longbank Electrical Steel Coil

Longbank Electrical steel coils are soft magnetic steel sheets that have been coiled or rolled. It is also known as transformer steel soil or lamination steel coil. These are broadly used in various applications such as electrical power distribution systems, automotive industries, generators, electric motors, solenoids, small relays, and many other electromagnetic equipment.

Longbank is a reputable electrical steel coil manufacturer in China. We work with foreign advanced technology, production, processing, and testing equipment. Our range of electrical steel coils is famous due to its high permeability, low magnetostriction, high electrical resistivity features.

For your orders, we can arrange the production immediately and make a transportation plan according to your requirements. Contact us for your electrical steel coils specifications!

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Electrical Steel Coil Series

Silicon Steel Coil

Silicon steel coil has the highest saturation magnetic induction value. This product is easy to mass-produce and cost-effective. It is also the most used material in the power electronics industry.

Electrical Steel Coil By Types (5)

Electrical Steel Coil By Features (1)

  • Alloy Electrical Steel Coil

    Alloy Electrical Steel Coil is manufactured with improved strength and durability. It enhances heat treatability. Longbank used edging, annealing processes to create high-accuracy products

Longbank Electrical Steel Coil Advantages

High Permeability
High Permeability

Our range of electrical steel coils has high-permeability features that improved the capacity to support magnetic fields.

Low Magnetostriction
Low Magnetostriction

Longbank electrical steel coils have low magnetostriction to contract in magnetic fields.

High Electrical Resistivity
High Electrical Resistivity

High electrical resistivity helps minimize the loss of core strength due to eddy current.


You can avail the of profitable products at Longbank that can save you cost.

Electrical Steel Coil Specifications

Longbank ensure high-quality electrical steel coil, regardless of what type, material and size you require. We will deliver precise products based on your requirements. Please send your complete details as shown below:

  • Specification & Grade of Electrical Steel
  • Surface Quality Unexposed (UE)
  • Coating Thickness
  • Dimensions (Thickness x Width x Length
  • Mass (Max. Mass per Coil, Order Mass)
  • Coil Size (Inside and Outside Diameter)
  • Application
  • The number of interleaves and /or butt welds acceptable in a Coil
  • Special Requirements (if any)
Electrical Steel Coil Specifications
Manufacturing Process

Electrical Steel Coil Productions

Longbank uses advanced manufacturing and coating lines to produced high-grade electrical coil sheets. Electrical steel sheets are normally melted in oxygen furnaces. Afterward, they are hot rolled as they move through descaling and annealing machines. This process removed dirt and scale from the surface. Then, they go through cold reduction. This method reduced and rectify steel thickness to meet your requirements.

Next, we use Decarburising anneal process line for reducing steel carbon content. The steel coil is heated in a mixture of nitrogen, hydrogen, and water vapor. Below are the machines we use:

  • Pickling And Tandem Cold-Rolling Mill.
  • Descaling Process Line.
  • Decarburising Anneal Line.
  • Annealing And Coating Line.

Electrical Steel Coil Applications

Due to its magnetic performance and uniform electrical properties, electrical steel coils are important in electrical systems. It is an ideal material for rotating machines and static electrical machines. Some are the applications of electrical steel coils:

Static machines:

  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Welding and audio transformers
  • Reactors and magnetic amplifiers
  • Magnetic switches and relays
  • Current transformers
  • Electrical ballast

Rotating machines:

  • Hermetic motors
  • Medium Rotating Machines
  • Large Rotating Machines
  • Intermittent service motors
  • Alternating current (AC) motors
  • Electrical vehicle driving motors
motor lamination steel

Let Longbank Custom Electrical Steel Coil Based on Your Projects

Longbank Electrical Steel Coils
Electrical Steel Coil application

Longbank has rich electrical steel coil manufacturing and sales experience. We hold a wide range of production capabilities to meet your needs such as bending, welding, punching, cutting, and other processing services. In every process, we follow strict quality control and inspection allows us to create safe, strong strength, high-performance, and long-lasting electrical steel coil.

We offer electrical steel coils that are produced in accordance with domestic and international standards such as ASTM A683,  ASTM A677, ASTM A876, etc.

Our company is supported by an excellent team and professional service that constantly develop and innovate steel coil product. We serve various industries such as heavy equipment/machinery, agricultural equipment, construction, steel service centers, and more.

We can serve you 24/7 to support your projects. Message us today and custom electrical steel coil!

steel coil

Longbank professional team has extensive experience in providing surface coatings to every electrical steel coil. This will result in more durable, more efficient, and magnetized products. These coatings insulate the electrical steel coils to prevent the flow of electricity. It also reduces the eddy current and serves to lengthen the shelf life of the steel coils. Below are some of the coatings we offer:

  • Color Coated Steel Coils
  • Galvanizing
  • Zinc Coating
  • C5 Coating
  • Natural Oxide (No)
  • Organic Varnish with Inorganic Pigments NS
  • Phenolic-Based Organic Varnish N6
Electrical Steel Coil Features

You can choose the best electrical steel coils based on applications and grades.

Normal Grade Electrical Steel Coils – It has adequate magnetic flux density and low iron loss. It includes 65CSV1300, 50CSV1000, 50CSV1300, and 65CSV1000. These are utilized in different kinds of transformers and motors.

Medium Grade Electrical Steel Coils – It has magnetic flux density, improving iron loss, economical price such as 50CSV600H, 50CSV600, 50CSV700, 50CSV800.

High-Grade Electrical Steel Coils – It has magnetic flux density and good iron loss. It is ideal in any type of compressors, AC motor, etc. It includes 50CSV470H, 50CSV470, 35CSV440, 35CSV550.

Longbank Electrical Steel Coil in Various Applications

Converter Motor Electrical Steel Coil

The electrical steel coils for converter motors provide a great magnetic field and make the electromagnet stronger. It delivers enhanced electrical properties.

Compressor Electrical Steel Coil

Longbank electrical steel coils for compressors are meticulously made based on your demands. They are available in various surface coatings such as color-coated steel coils, zinc coating, C5 coating, etc.

Motor Iron Core Electrical Steel Coil

The electrical steel coils for the motor iron core are coated for enhancing rust protection, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, etc.

Small and Medium Size Rotating Machines

The electrical steel coils for small and medium-size rotating machines are produced in accurate thickness, width, and length. It has a bright surface and great qualities.

Transformer Electrical Steel Coil

Longbank electrical steel coils for transformers are cost-effective but never compromise the quality and performance. It has excellent magnetic features and high electrical resistivity.

  • “Great product at the best price! Longbank meets our expectations and delivers the highest quality electrical steel coils. These are obviously made from durable steel materials. We are hoping to create a long-term business partnership with Longbank”

  • ” I’m very satisfied with electrical steel coils orders. Longbank makes it possible for me to receive premium quality products at a very cost-effective rate. They help me with my custom orders, manufacture and deliver it on time.”

  • ” All the electrical steel coil products are fully magnetic, high-performance, and wear-resistance. Longbank is a trusted supplier when you need high-grade steel coils for your electrical system needs”

Where is Electrical Steel Coil Used?

Electrical steel coils are used in power and distribution transformers, motors, generators, magnetic switches and relays, electrical vehicle driving motors, alternating current (AC) motors, etc.


What are the Materials Use in Electrical Steel Coils Production?

Longbank work with various steel materials such as:

  • Stainless steel (in different grades)
  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Silicon Steel, etc.
What are the Electrical Steel Coil Advantages?
  • High electrical resistivity
  • Improved magnetic properties
  • Durable and high-strength
  • High-permeability
  • Wear-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Low magnetostriction
  • Broad range of options in material
  • Wide range of applications
Do You Offer Electrical Steel Coil Product Sample?

We offer free samples to bulk orders but the fright is supported by the client.

Why Choose Longbank as Your Electrical Steel Coil Manufacturer?

Longbank has long experienced in manufacturing electrical steel coils. We have passed different management certifications such as ISO9001, ASTM, etc. Our company offer a wide range of electrical steel coils that suit your requirements. Our products are widely sold and appreciated due to its great features and effectiveness. These are tested and inspected to various testing machines to ensure 100% defect-free and quality. It is authenticated to BS, DIN, GB, JIS, ASTM standards.

Our company supports customization to satisfy your needs. From material sourcing, product development and delivery process, we will help you! Contact us immediately.

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