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Longbank is your motor lamination steel trusted manufacturer in China. We provide high-quality complex iron core motor laminations steel. These products is commonly used in industrial control, wiring devices, defense, electronics, and telecommunications industries.

  • High-conductivity metals to tight tolerances
  • Excellent quality motor lamination steel
  • Provide custom motor laminations
  • Cost-effective products

Longbank Motor Lamination Steel

Longbank motor laminations steels are also called electrical laminations steel or segment laminations steel. This part structure the core of an electric motor’s rotor and stator. They are comprised of thin metal sheets that are welded, stacked, or reinforced together. Laminations steels as individual pieces are utilized in many applications instead of a solid piece for less eddy current losses.

Longbank uses high-quality materials in producing motor laminations steels such as silicon steel, nickel alloy, cobalt alloy laminations, etc. Motor laminations steels are used in many electrical applications where electromagnetic fields are vital. It includes electrical stators/rotors and motors, magnetic coils and transformers, electrical equipment and components, small and large electric motors, etc.

At Longbank, you can avail premium quality motor laminations steels that suit your needs. These improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any electrical device. It is durable, functional, and high-performance. Custom motor laminations steels are also available to satisfy your requirements. Message us today!

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Motor Lamination Steel Series

Silicon Motor Lamination Steel

Silicon Motor Lamination Steel is available in an array of grades such as M19, M27, M36 or M43. It is the most used materials in producing motion control products.

T-motor Stator Core Electric Motor Lamination

T-motor stator core electric motor lamination are stacked to form the stator core of the motor: the armature core exists in the alternating magnetic field, while the stator is not in the alternating magnetic field, which is a stable magnetic field.

Electrical Steel Lamination for EV Motors

Electrical Steel Lamination for EV Motors affects motor performance is the magnetic flux density of the grade of electrical silicon steel used &Extend the battery range of electric vehicles.

Motor Lamination Steel By Steel Variations (3)

  • Grain Oriented Motor Lamination Steels

    Grain Oriented Motor Lamination Steels feature high electrical resistivity, high magnetic permeability, and reduced magnetostriction. It has high stacking or laminating factor that enables a compact core finish.

  • Non-Grain Oriented Motor Lamination Steels

    Non-Grain Oriented Motor Lamination Steels are processed using hot rolling, cold rolling, hot band annealing, and final annealing. It exhibits magnetic properties, low core loss, and relatively low cost.

  • Cold Rolled Motor Lamination Steel

    Cold Rolled Motor Lamination is designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of electrical equipment. It is manufactured with precise chemical compositions. Longbank uses excellent controlled temper mill techniques and annealing practices.

Motor Lamination Steel By Applications (4)

  • Steel Exhaust Fan Motor Lamination

    Exhaust Fan Motor Lamination is manufactured from 7mm thickness steel. It is finished with polished surface treatment with high-precision, high-efficiency and engineered design.

  • Three Phase AC Motor Lamination

    Three Phase AC Motor Lamination uses alternative current designed with wear resistive and anti-abrasive in nature. It is widely used in domestic pumps, aeronautics, submersibles pump motors, etc.

  • Industrial Motor Lamination

    Industrial Motor Lamination is designed from mild-steel materials. For increased efficiency and limits the core losses in motors, generators, and transformers, we can do electrical steel coatings.

  • Electrical Motor Lamination

    Electrical Motor Lamination is made from high-grade stainless steel. They are well-tested, richly contrived, and resilient. It is offered at an economical price.

Longbank Motor Lamination Steel Advantages

Durable and high-strength
High-Strength and Durability

Motor lamination steel is long-lasting, high-strength, and durable. We can provide this product in all shapes and sizes.

high permeability
High permeability

Longbank uses high permeability material to produce motor lamination steels such as silicon steel, stainless steel, and more.

Torque and Energy Consumption
Torque and Energy Consumption

Longbank motor lamination steels are manufactured with high torque and power densities characteristics.


Motor lamination steel is economical and the stamping process is relatively cheap. These are cost-saving options.

Longbank Motor Lamination Steel Materials

Longbank works with various materials in motor lamination steel manufacturing. The criteria for material selection include permeability, saturation flux density, core losses, and cost.

  • Nickel alloy – It features high permeability at low to moderate inductions. It is also suitable for motor components due to its low core losses advantages.
  • Silicon steel – exhibits superior electrical conductivity perfect for making pulse transformers, small relays, generators, motors, etc.
  • Cobalt steel – a type of high-speed alloy steel with improved resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear features.
  • Thin-gauge electrical steel – perfect for applications that require high performance and energy efficiency.
Motor Lamination Steel Materials
Motor Lamination Steels Capabilities

Longbank Motor Lamination Steel Capabilities

Longbank motor lamination sheet service capabilities include:

  • Slitting
  • Blanking
  • Shearing
  • Leveling
  • Degreasing and brushing
  • Metallurgical support.

We can also do secondary operations such as in-house annealing, stacking and welding, stress relief annealing, and more.

Motor Lamination Steel Applications

Due to its high-strength and high permeability, Longbank motor lamination steel is often used to manufacture:

  • Electrical Equipment and Components
  • Small and Large Electric Motors
  • Home Appliances motors
  • Elevator motors, tubular motors
  • Shaded pole motors
  • DC rotors, car motors
  • Generators, transformers cores
  • Tachometers, resolvers, alternators, etc.
Motor Lamination Steel Applications

Longbank Custom Motor Lamination Steel Based on Your Projects

Motor Lamination Steel
Motor Lamination Steel Features

Longbank has profound manufacturing experience in the motor lamination steel industry. We can supply products efficiently with high accuracy. Our range of motor lamination steel is thoroughly checked and inspected by various testing machines to ensure perfect quality. It is certified to ASTM, JIS, RoHS, ISO, etc.

We have a wide range of service capabilities such as metal stamping, in-house annealing, grinding, assembly, and other post-stamping processes. This will guarantee a complete motor lamination fabrication solution.

If you have unique and specific requirements, Longbank can design and build the right products that meet industry and quality standards. Whether you need special annealing, specific material, or precise tolerances, we can accommodate any custom request according to your needs. Our company serves almost all industries— machine tools, aerospace, medical, energy, and military.

Message us immediately to learn more about our motor lamination steel products and services. We will support every valued client 24/7.

Motor Lamination Steel Process
  • Die Cutting
  • Wire Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Progressive Tooling
  • Photo Etching
  • Machining
  • Water Jetting
  • Compound Tooling
  • Stamping
Motor Lamination Steels
  • High Frequency
  • End Lamination
  • Low losses
  • Core Plate
  • Insulator Lamination
  • Insulation coating
  • Concentricity
  • Medium Volume
  • High Volume
  • Prototypes

Longbank Motor Lamination Steel in Various Applications

Motor Lamination Steel for Electrical Equipment and Components

All our motor lamination steel has precision-engineered design and thicknesses. It can be coated with various surface treatments such as polishing, C3 coating, C5 coating, and more.

Lamination Steel for Small and Large Electric Motors

We can produce close tolerance lamination steel for small and large electric motors, through our advanced manufacturing line and excellent team. It is available in various diameters and shapes.

Motor Lamination Steel for Home Appliances

Longbank can produce motor lamination steel for home appliances and other electrical laminations from 1/2 inch thru 24-inch diameters. We use punch presses from 3 to 330 tons.

Motor Lamination Steel for Generators

You can trust motor lamination steel for generators at Longbank. Due to its reliability and strength, any device or equipment becomes more effective and efficient to operate.

Motor Lamination Steel for Transformers

Silicon steel lamination is ideal for producing transformer motors. It exhibits high silicon content which increases the electrical resistivity of iron. This also reduces eddy current losses.


  • ” Our company receive excellent quality motor lamination steel from Longbank. It is durable with high magnetic properties and high electrical resistivity. They obviously use high-grade materials!”

  • ” I’m very satisfied with motor lamination steel orders. Longbank offers outstanding customization. They support from the beginning until the delivery. The products are functional and ideal for use in super-high-speed electric machines.”

  • ” All the motor lamination steel products are corrosion-resistant and wear-resistance. Longbank never disappoints our expectations when it comes to motor lamination steel quality and price. “

What Is Motor Lamination Steel Made Of?

Motor laminations steels are produced using electrical steel laminations. Electrical steel is also known as silicon steel, silicon electrical steel, lamination steel, C5 core plate, core plate steel,  or transformer steel.

Is Motor Lamination Steel Corrosion-Resistant?

Yes of course.

Electrical steel also known as silicon steel is used in motor lamination manufacturing. It is coated to provide resistance to corrosion or rust. The coatings include organic and inorganic, C6 coatings, C5 coatings, C3 coatings, and more. The kind of coating selected depends on the heat treatment of the laminations.

Where are the Motor Lamination Steel Used?

Longbank Motor lamination steel is often used to produce:

  • Home Appliances Motors
  • Small and Large Electric Motors
  • Electrical Equipment and Components
  • Transformers Motors
  • Generators Motors, etc.
What are the Motor Lamination Steel Advantages?
  • Create electromagnetic core materials for various electrical equipment
  • Increases electrical resistance
  • Improves the ability of magnetic fields to penetrate
  • Reduces the steel’s hysteresis loss
  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of any device
Why Choose Longbank as Your Motor Lamination Steel Manufacturer?
  • 10+ years motor lamination steel fabrication experience
  • Offers a low-cost alternative manufacturing
  • Source the high-quality materials: stainless steel, silicon steel, carbon steel, etc.
  • Manufacture a wide range of motor lamination steel
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment (high-speed stamping presses, cutting machines, bending machines, polishing machine, plate shearers, etc.)
  • Custom motor lamination steel in all shapes and sizes according to your needs.
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, EU, CE certified company.
  • Serve worldwide clients 24/7
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