Longbank Silicon Steel Coil

Longbank has rich experience in manufacturing numerous silicon steel coil for transformer, generator, and motor applications. Our silicon steel coils are available in multiple grades and sizes.

  • Great for mechanical experts and electrical engineers
  • 1 Ton MOQ of silicon steel coil
  • 35mm to 0.5mm thickness or customized
  • 7-15 days delivery time

Silicon Steel Coil Manufacturer

The silicon steel coils are flattened metal sheets that can be coiled or rolled. They are widely used in the power electronic industries such as current transformers, distribution transformers, power transformers, and any iron cores.

Longbank silicon steel coil is also ideal for all types of household appliances, electronic systems, low-frequency transformers, and many others. Longbank can manufacture silicon steel coils using DQ electrical steel tape (cold-rolled oriented), DW electrical steel tape (cold-rolled non-oriented), and DG3 silicon steel tape (cold-rolled).

Longbank is a premier silicon steel coil manufacturer in China with various high-tech processing equipment. We produce silicon steel coils using laser, cutting, and leveling techniques.

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Silicon Steel Coil Series

Cold-Rolled Non-Oriented Silicon Steel Coil

The cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel coil features low iron damage, high magnetic sensitivity, uniform thickness, and smooth surface. Suitable for generators, transformers, household motors, etc.

Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel Coil

The grain-oriented silicon coil is widely used in different applications such as generators, transformers, household appliances, and many more. Longbank can support custom grain-oriented silicon steel coil to meet your specifications.

Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Coil

The grain-oriented electrical steel coils are applicable for pulse transformers, power transformers, and magnetic amplifiers. We manufacture grain-oriented electrical steel coil through cold-rolled techniques.

Non-Oriented Silicon Cold Rolled Steel Coil

The non-oriented silicon cold-rolled steel coil can guarantee high accuracy and surface quality. Suitable for use in many areas such as household electrical appliances.

Silicon Steel Coil By Thickness (5)

  • 0.27mm Silicon Steel Coil

    The 0.2mm silicon steel coils are available in insulating coating treatments. It is being manufactured through a cold-rolled technique. Suitable for the reactor, transformer, and other electrical products.

  • 0.3mm Silicon Steel Coil

    The 0.27mm silicon steel coils are best for household appliances and construction material applications. It is fabricated by a cold-rolled technique. We manufacture 0.3mm silicon steel coils to meet your needs.

  • 0.4mm Silicon Steel Coil

    The magnetic properties of 0.3mm silicon coils are featured by their high permeability, low core loss, and good application performance. Suitable for applications like electric engines, transformers, dynamo, etc.

  • 2.0mm Silicon Steel Coil

    The 0.35mm silicon steel coil has excellent thickness tolerance, processing properties, and insulation coating. It is widely used for various applications including magnetic amplifiers, reactors, relays, ballast, etc.

  • 0.10mm Silicon Steel Coil

    The 0.5mm silicon steel coils have outstanding dimensional tolerance. Suitable for cutting and punching. It comes with an insulation coating, ensuring good heat resistance and good adhesiveness.

Silicon Steel Coil Advantages

Easy to Mass-Produce
Easy to Mass-Produce

The silicon steel coil has outstanding magnetoelectric properties. That’s why they are easy to mass-produce. Most of the silicon steel coil is used in the power electronics industries.

Excellent Toughness
Excellent Toughness

Longbank silicon steel coil has excellent toughness. They can be easily cut, punched, and many other techniques. KDM offers different sizes of silicon steel coil to meet your needs.

Good Processing Performance
Good Processing Performance

The silicon steel coils have a uniform color, uniform thickness, high adhesion, and excellent heat resistance. They are easy to punch, shear, and stack through heavy-duty machines.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

All silicon steel coils from Longbank are fully certified by international quality standards. It exceeds ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, EN, JIS, and many more. Clients can guarantee high standard silicon steel coils from us.

Silicon Steel Coil Features

Longbank supplies a wide range of silicon steel coils with many outstanding features. Their features include the following:

  • Low iron damage
  • High magnetic sensitivity
  • Smooth surface
  • Uniform thickness
  • High-end cold-rolled non-grain-oriented silicon

Additionally, our silicon steel coils provide good magnetoelectric properties that make them easy to mass-produce. Because of their outstanding properties, silicon steel coils are widely utilized in almost all electronic industries.

At Longbank, we aim to supply precise silicon steel coil products according to your specifications. We have high-tech machining capabilities to satisfy all your needs.

silicon steel coil features
Silicon Steel Coil Application

Silicon Steel Coil Application

The silicon steel coils are essential in the following power electronic industries:

  • Current transformers
  • Distribution transformer
  • Power transformer

Longbank silicon steel coil is ideal for high and low frequency power. We supply a wide range of silicon steel coils for different applications:

  • Low-Silicon or Pure Iron Steel Coils (for reactors, small motors, and relays application)
  • Hot-Rolled High-Silicon Steel Coils (for large motor applications)
  • Non-Oriented Silicon Steel Coils (for large motor applications)
  • Single-Oriented Cold-Rolled Silicon Steel Coils (for large motor and transformer applications)

Longbank can satisfy your silicon steel coil requirements. We provide excellent processing services to deliver precise products including bending, decoiling, welding, punching, and cutting.

Silicon Steel Coil Specifications

Longbank silicon steel coils are mainly in two types – oriented and non-oriented silicon steel coils. The silicon content of non-oriented is ranges from 1.5% to 3.0%. It is usually cold-rolled coils, suitable to produce generators and motors. However, the silicon content of oriented is about 3%. It has high magnetic permeability, strong directionality, and low iron loss value.

Longbank offers the different thicknesses of silicon steel coils. When used at 50Hz industrial frequency, our 0.2 to 0.35 mm silicon steel coils are available. For 400Hz, the 0.1mm silicon steel coil is suitable.

All our silicon steel coils meet various international standards like ASTM A677, ASTM A683, ASTM A876, and more. Please send us your specifications now!

silicon steel coil specifications

Choose Longbank to Custom Your Silicon Steel Coil

custom silicon steel coil
sillicon steel coil

Longbank provides excellent services in terms of customizing, packaging and shipping of silicon steel coils. For your silicon steel coil purchase, we can provide unique packaging solutions. Our packaging type includes wooden case, carton, and packed according to your requirements.

For your bulk orders of silicon steel coil, we can ship by sea, air, and land transportation. The silicon steel coils are offered in minimum order quantity of 1 ton.

Silicon Steel Coil Fabrication

silicon steel coil production

Longbank silicon steel coils are ideal for:

  • Power Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Current Transformer
  • Household Appliances
  • Electronic Systems,
  • Low Frequency Transformers
silicon steel coil production

The silicon steel coils are used in various electronic industries because of their characteristics:

  • Low iron damage
  • High magnetic sensitivity
  • Smooth surface
  • Uniform thickness
  • good magnetoelectric properties

Silicon Steel Coil in Various Applications

Silicon Steel Coil for Electric Motor

The silicon steel coil for electric motor provides good magnetoelectric properties. They are available in many surface treatments such as semi-organic coating, painting, PE coating, and many more.

Silicon Steel Coil for Generator

Longbank silicon steel coil for the generator is manufactured by a cold-rolled process. It can be coated rolled, mirror surface, or as requested.

Silicon Steel Coil for Appliances

The silicon steel coils for appliances provide accurate thickness, beautiful, and smooth surface. Aside from that, it also provides excellent mechanical properties in terms of machining performance.

Silicon Steel Coil for Transformer

The silicon steel coils for transformer are known for the following benefits: less coating weight, good corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, good weldability, excellent coating, and high dimensional accuracy.

What is Silicon Steel Coil Used For?

The silicon steel coil is widely utilized in most power electronic industries. Mainly are current transformers, distribution transformers, power transformers, and different iron cores.

In addition, the silicon steel coils are suitable for various electronic systems, inductor cores, household appliances, low-frequency chokes and transformers, reactors, relays, and many more.

What is Silicon Steel Coil Made of?

The silicon steel coils are the ferritic alloys of silicon and iron. The silicon content increases electrical resistivity and enhance magnetic softness. The silicon steel coils have excellent magnetic properties that makes them ideal in transformers and motors.

The silicon content is about 2 wt.% which can reduce saturation magnetization and decreases Curie temperature. There are two forms in producing silicon steel coil: Non-oriented (NO) and grain-oriented (GO).

Does Silicon Steel Coil Corrosion-Resistant?

A silicon steel coil is compost of 97% pure iron. It provides corrosion resistance when there is a thin coating being applied. Without coating, the silicon steel coils will rust in humid or wet environments.

What is the Characteristic of Silicon Steel Coil?

The silicon steel coil is popular for the following characteristics:

  • Low iron damage
  • Smooth surface
  • Excellent magnetoelectric properties
  • High magnetic sensitivity
  • Uniform thickness
Why Buy Silicon Steel Coil from Longbank?

Longbank silicon steel coil is made with quality at a very competitive price. We can offer smooth delivery, professional inquiry, and excellent customer services. All our silicon steel coil can guarantee full certifications. We also provide perfect packing and excellent transport services.

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