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  • Longbank Manufacturing Electrical Steel
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Longbank – Your Professional Electrical Steel Manufacturer in China

  • Longbank has rich experience in manufacturing electrical steel with reliability and quality.
  • Offers a wide range of electrical steel including silicon steel coil, non-grain orient electrical steel, CRGO steel, etc.
  • Suitable for an electric motor, transformer, generator, and other applications.
  • Ideal for construction, automobiles, machinery, electrical, and more industries.

LongbankIn-House Electrical Steel Production Capabilities

Longbank has full electrical steel technical in-house capabilities such as:

  • Epstein testing
  • Special Single-phase and three-phase transformer and stator lamination stacking testing
  • Ring testing
  • Franklin coating measurement ASTM A717
  • Supports technical design support
  • 2D basic magnetic FEA support
  • Coating thickness measurement

We are also equipped with advanced testing facilities and an in-house lab for electrical steel production. Longbank can produce electrical steel for you based on your requirements. Send us your inquiries!

  • Longbank Electrical Steel Factory
  • Longbank In House Electrical Steel Production Capabilities

Longbank Electrical Steel Series

Electrical Steel Coil

The electrical steel coil is manufactured with improved electrical properties making it suitable for small relays, electric motors, solenoids, and other electromagnetic devices.

Non-Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

Our non-grain-oriented electrical steel is widely used for power generation, electric motors, appliances, and other electrical components in the industry.

Silicon Steel Coil

Longbank silicon steel coils are manufactured using silicon and iron alloy that has a strong magnetic property. Thus, making it ideal for transformers and motors application.

Cold-Rolled Steel Coil

Longbank offers cold-rolled steel coils that are manufactured by cooling them down using room temperature. It is widely used for structural parts including beam, chassis parts, etc.

CRGO Steel

CRGO steels are widely used in electrical transformers. It features high permeability, less hysteresis loss, and high performance for its applications.

Motor Lamination Steel

Motor lamination steel is consist of metal sheets that are bonded, welded, and stacked together. It is widely used for the rotor and stator of an electric motor.

Custom Electrical Steel to Skyrocket Your Business

Longbank is committed to meeting your electrical steel specifications with high precision. We offer different electrical steel such as non-grain-oriented electrical steel, grain-oriented electrical steel, silicon steel coil, motor lamination steel, and more. Longbank can provide these electrical steels with a short lead time.

We offer a full range of electrical steel made from special steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Longbank can produce custom electrical steel to meet the standards of different industries including construction, automobiles, light industry, electricity, and more.

With our 20+ years of experience, rest assured that Longbank can satisfy all your custom electrical steel needs. Contact us now!

Why Longbank Electrical Steel is Trusted by 1000+ Clients Worldwide

High Performance
High Performance

Longbank electrical steel offers a lot of mechanical properties such as high permeability, low power loss per cycle, and low core loss.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Longbank offers an affordable stamping process for producing electrical steel. We use cost-effective production and materials.

Wide Range of Applications
Wide Range of Applications

Our electrical steel is widely used for different applications that include motors, generator materials, transformer components, etc.

Enhanced Properties
Enhanced Properties

Longbank offers electrical steel with improved properties such as greater magnetic properties, improved hardness, and higher strength.

Full-Service Support
Full-Service Support

Our team can help you verify the performance of our electrical steel under a variety of frequencies and ambient conditions.

Advanced Capabilities
Advanced Capabilities

Longbank is well-equipped with advanced equipment and capabilities to test the mechanical properties of your electrical steel.

Why Choose Longbank as Your Electrical Steel Manufacturer

Advanced Manufacturing Process

Longbank is well-equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art production facilities. Our production system is fully automated with end-to-end and computerized operations. Rest assured that Longbank can provide electrical steel with high performance.

100% Quality Control

Longbank assures strict quality control on all our electrical steel production stages. We guarantee that our electrical steels are certified by ASTM A876, ASTM A677, ASTM A683, and more. Our electrical steel factory has full certifications from international quality standards.

Surface Insulation

Longbank offers a wide range of surface insulation for your electrical surface. We offer surface insulation with different features and types. You can choose from our regular product surface insulation or eco-friendly surface insulation.

Longbank Electrical Steel Production Facility

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Contact Our Support Team


What Electrical Steel Do You Provide?

Longbank can provide you with different electrical steel including grain-oriented, non-grain-oriented, and cold-rolled electrical steel. We guarantee that all our electrical steels have high performance.

What Materials Do You Use to Produce Electrical Steel?

We mainly used carbon steel, stainless steel, and more. Longbank ensures cost-effective materials for your specific applications.

What Processes Do You Offer for Manufacturing Electrical Steel?

We offer different processes such as slitting, cut-to-length, progressive and compound stamping, welding, annealing, tool and die, and packaging. Send us your inquiries today!

What Do You Require if Want to Purchase Electrical Steel?

Typically, we require project drawings so we can review completeness before starting production. We make sure that the dimensional data, surface finishes, tolerances, and other specifications are accurate.

How Do You Ship My Orders?

Longbank can provide logistics and shipping through air, land, and sea. We can arrange shipment and delivery from China to your location. Longbank can also provide customs and entry, domestic inland shipping, warehousing, and more.

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